Run 2 Gateways with 1 Workstation each

Whats the easiest way to achieve this?

At the moment I’m trying to change the control port on the second gateway and put each pair in a seperate internal network in VirtualBox. This results in error 255 (Tor’s control port could not be reached) in my gateway. I guess there is a firewall preconfigured that blocks all ports but the default one? How can I change this?

My workstations are using Windows XP (I know about the potential security issues), which works fine for the first gateway.

Two gateways for one workstation? What’s the point of this? Congratulations! You’re the first one to my knowledge ever asking this. But this also means, you might be trying something odd here, that could be archived some other way.

See also, XyProblem:


To learn more:

Some design documentation:

(see footnote)

Search in Whonix source code folder:

grep -r --exclude-dir=".git" 9151
grep -r --exclude-dir=".git" 9051


Hint… No finished/tested solution…

Create /etc/whonix.d/50_user


Port is currently hard coded (will be improved in cpfp-py):

More hints of that sort…