root:could not open file '/etc/apt/sources.list'

I am trying to install nodejs for debian on whonix workstation ,
when I run this command :

curl -sL | bash -

I get this error message :

WARNING:root:could not open file ‘/etc/apt/sources.list’

That’s actually just a follow up issue.

The real issue probably is that the script you’re executing - without verification of software signatures - runs some program which is not installed.

See also:

Notwithstanding what I said above, if you still want to install that way… You could try the following command.

I didn’t test - since I don’t like running software without prior verification of software signatures. Actually I think fetching a script over http or https and then piping it into bash is a very insecure idea.

original as you posted (spaces removed by me):

curl -sL | bash -


curl -sL | bash -x -

That enables bash xtrace which might show the command which is missing so you might be able to install it.



Then open it in an editor, understand, study it if possible.

Make executable.

chmod +x setup_12.x

Execute if it is looking good.


None of this is an issue derived by Whonix. Same would happen on Debian most likely. Therefore this can also be solved as per Free Support for Whonix ™.