Rookie question: Should I use a vpn with whonix yes or no?

my bad if this is in the wrong place. but i cant find a clear answer everybody just tells me something different and it gets really confusing. thank you in advance

VPNs won’t give any benefit. More hops != better.

Also see the wiki:

thank you but does it still anonymize my traffic with standard whonix settings? or do I need something else. so first question does whonix anonymize all the stuff that I do. second one if not how do I fix it?

It’s impossible to fully anonymize everything. Whonix forces all traffic through Tor by default if that’s what you’re asking.

yes thank you 1 more question if you don’t mind. when normally using tor on other devices people suggest to use a VPN why would this not be the case here? appreciate your afford

It’s not the case anywhere. VPNs don’t help when used with Tor regardless of the device. It’s just a popular myth regularly spread by uninformed people. It’s been debunked many times, even by Tor developers:

thank you so much for helping me out!

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Slight correction: While routing through VPN to TOR won’t improve anonymity, it can obscure the fact that your’re using TOR, in case that matters to you.

No it won’t. VPNs can’t reliably hide Tor usage.

This was also talked about in the 2 other links I’ve sent.

The best way to hide Tor usage is to use a bridge with pluggable transport but even that isn’t perfect.

soo I should just whonix. and be some what anonymous. or else i have to do some difficult stuff. but can using a vpn with whonix do any harm? my dad is a cop… lmao not that I’m going to crazy stuff on the deepweb but that’s also uh a little problem

It can potentially give you a unique network fingerprint (the number of Tor users using a VPN is far smaller than the number of ones without a VPN which places you in a smaller anonymity subset), increase the attack surface of your connection and can aid traffic correlation attacks.

The “deep web” is mostly overexaggerated nonsense. It’s not some scary place, it’s just a website within the Tor network.

i know i know about the deep web. but I actually ment the opposite im planning on doing “crazy stuff” lmao. I never on what forum every just get a clear guide on how to anonymize myself 99%

Whonix FAQ: Should I Set Up a VPN with Whonix?

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