roflcoptor to replace control-port-filter-python

I was considering to replace control-port-filter-proxy-python with roflcoptor by subgraph, since it supports events, that cpfpy does not support yet. That would allow us to use applications that create Tor hidden services on the fly such as onionshare and ricochet.

  • depends on procsnitch - remove dependency on procsnitch · Issue #56 · subgraph/roflcoptor · GitHub
  • it has a number of dependencies on go libraries that are not yet packaged that would could only go get from github over https (or with more effort also over ssh). Probably no OpenPGP verification available.
  • Also download the binary package from subgraph and uploading to Whonix repository might be troublesome since subgraph is based on Debian testing while Whonix is based on Debian stable. Different libc dependencies could be an issue. So not building it from source code is bad for many reasons and building it from source code is unmanageable for now.

So any python contributors implementing ⚓ T448 support for Tor control protocol events (setevent) by Control Port Filter Proxy would be welcome…