Riseup email sucks

Email Overview makes it looks like it is a great option when it is not.

No DMARC policy means anyone can spoof Riseup emails. And, a lot of other terrible configurations like the website shows.

I suggest you guys to mention better alternatives like proton.me, tuta.com, forwardemail etc.


I don’t want to get into e-mail provider reviews. Best if other websites document that. The privileged mention of riseup has been removed. It’s no longer mentioned in its own separate wiki chapter.

Instead the following chapter has been renamed from Introduction to Email Provider Criteria and expanded with general information what users might want to look for.


These providers you mentioned cant use your email client with them (e.g thunderbird) for free, so i would recommend using danwin1210.de:


Closing registration for good

While I strongly believe in freedom of speech and want to continue offering the email service, it has become too much of a burden to keep this service clean. I’m not earning money from it, and it’s not worth continuing with the amount of abuse that I have seen in recent months. I’ve closed registration temporarily several times in the past few months, but now I will close it for good. Existing accounts will continue working, and I do not intend to shut down this service. I use this email service myself and depend on it. That is why I also need to take these steps since I am potentially losing clients whenever my emails land in spam because someone else ruined my email service reputation (again).

You can’t register. I tbh expected that before opening the link. You need a reliable email service and use your own domain.


I see. That’s unfortunate; I didn’t read that.

In this case, you need to go through these lists and find the one that suits you:

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