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Hello. Whonix 14 kvm ricochet seem not to be working. I used wiki instructions but gateway prints messages [rejecting anonymous request for connection to private address on transport natdport. Possible loop in nat rules?].Workstation says online but I am not sure…

so workstation saying you are connected but in fact you are not ?

Yes. I tested with different identity to add myself as contact. But this was not working.

true i have tested that just now , and its not working. Its dead app with no upstream support anymore and i cant help further, but maybe others might help you.

cc @HulaHoop @Patrick


I think it may need a workaround with onion-grater like onionshare does to work for the moment?

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Have you tested Ricochet on plain debian ? (without whonix)

If it doesnt connects then its a Ricochet issue , but if it does then its whonix configuration issue.

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Could you please try if ricochet works for you in plain Debian and/or if
there are any onion-grater denied messages in journal?

Here’s the problem. None of these grater profile locations seem to exist for symlinking:

sudo ln -s /usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples/40_ricochet.yml /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/

sudo ln -s /usr/share/onion-grater-merger/examples/40_ricochet.yml /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/

Both give:

ln: target '/usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/' is not a directory: No such file or directory

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On Whonix-Gateway?


What is the content of folder /usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples?

ls -la /usr/share/doc/onion-grater-merger/examples

Did you do beforehand…

sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc/onion-grater-merger.d/


No I forgot to. Now that I’ve followed all the steps it actually appears to be working properly saying “Online” once I start the program. It works!

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the issue is not being online or not , the issue is you cant add/communicate with another ricochet user. so have you tried that?

OK what’s your test ricochet ID?

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OK I’m setting it up once more. Stay online for me.

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im there

Request sent to TNT. Now make it go BOM BOM.


@TNT_BOM_BOM Did you get it?

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no , what is yours?


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I’ve seen and accepted your invitation. You appeared online. Did you get my messages?

I closed the app by mistake. Add this new ID:


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its whonix to whonix issue, debian to whonix its working to be.

Thanks for testing @HulaHoop

cc @Patrick

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