Reuters: Interpol plans to condemn encryption spread

article deleted? please next time provide archived version of the page if something is important within that page.

article is still there.

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sorry yeah reuters seems to be blocking access of Tor users to their news:

using Tor browser:

but its available using clearnet: (archived version)

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Reuters always does that. They don’t even give a blocked message, they just say the article doesn’t exist. They seem to like annoying Tor users.

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I condemn their retarded view of the world and their decades long bitchy cat fight to end the only means of privacy in the modern world.

Let’s agree to disagree I guess.

Archived link:

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Small update: "Attendees of the conference told Ars that the resolution’s statement was due to be published this week. But in an email to the New York Times’ Nicole Perlroth, an INTERPOL spokesperson denied that the resolution was considered:

Interpol telling me this Reuter’s story is inaccurate:

Dear Ms Perlroth,

As per our statement there are, and were, no plans at this time for the INTERPOL General Secretariat to issue a statement in relation to encryption.

Press Office https://t.co/EItFe0D3Je

— Nicole Perlroth (@nicoleperlroth) November 18, 2019"

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Whoa you actually reached out to them like an investigative reporter :smiley:

Maybe they are reconsidering a more sensible reaction after seeing how pointless their old arguments are.

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