restart tor in gateway vm without restart the workstation vm

sometimes I happen to have to restart tor in the vm gateway, for safety I always shut down the vm workstation before doing it, but is it really necessary?
Can I restart tor via the gateway tor control panel, without having to shut down the workstation first? Do I risk compromising my anonymity by doing so? Thank you

You can.

Every connection from every Workstation will stop at the same time. Is this a threat to you? A passive listener could potentially see discern that those connections came from the β€œsame” client, same because clients are stream isolated by IsolateClientAddr.

But also, how big is the attacker etc.

This is also true for non-Whonix. So the question is broader: Can a passive attacker deanonymize myself by traffic analysis?

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Unnecessary. No leak risk form that.

Technical reasons why that is so? See