Resolving Issues with Monero Isolation and Changing the Location of Local Nodes.


I am currently facing an issue with the Monero Isolation feature. I have already downloaded my local node onto a USB key, but when I try to run the daemon on, the monerod-ws starts and installs a new node.

I am using Qubes-Whonix and have already downloaded the blockchain onto the USB key, which is ready to be mounted on the monerod-ws when needed. However, I am unsure of how to change the location of the local node if I am using a remote node on the wallet-ws.

Could you provide any guidance on how to resolve this issue? Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Best regards.

Issue most likely not caused by Whonix.
Whonix doesn’t develop Monero.

Even using split-VM with Monero and Qubes is unspecific to Whonix as it can be reproduced without Whonix being involved.

Monero usage question. This needs to be resolved as per Self Support First Policy for Whonix ™, i.e. by contacting Monero support.

Hello man, i’ve been be able to run monerod manually by following the guide: Stream Isolation

It say that there is a new version of Monero, but can’t update with apt & flatpak, I think it’s a frozen package, so there is definitely no way to upgrade until it’s available with apt, is that right?

Flatpak version should be up-to-date since it’s official by Monero. If not, contact upstream.

At time of writing, flatpak doesn’t have a concept of frozen packages as far as I know.