request bridges from using Anon Connection Wizard / Tor Connection Wizard / TBB 8.0 auto-downloading bridges missing in Whonix

now the new TBB has a feature to download new bridges to TBB directly without the need to visit or email read this:

For users where Tor is blocked, we have previously offered a handful of bridges in the browser to bypass censorship. But to receive additional bridges, you had to send an email or visit a website, which posed a set of problems. To simplify how you request bridges, we now have a new bridge configuration flow when you when you launch Tor. Now all you have to do is solve a captcha in Tor Launcher, and you’ll get a bridge IP. We hope this simplification will allow more people to bypass censorship and browse the internet freely and privately. [6]

  • My concerns is , how can we get use to this feature?

1- adding bridges and using that feature in whonix is useless as bridges has no action on TBB inside WS. (only inside Tor which is inside GW)
2- if we allow outside-clearnet connection in the gw = so bad idea

so i think best thing is to keep whonix as it is? cc @HulaHoop @Patrick

Right, just now documented here: Tor Browser Essentials

Anon Connection Wizard / Tor Connection Wizard run under user debian-tor which has clearnet access. So implementing this can be done if someone submits the code.

//cc @troubadour @iry