replacing grml-debootstrap / debos build platform

This may be useful for simplifying the build script and/or supporting arm builds.

debos - a rootless alternative to debootstrap that can create images for all the architectures supported by qemu user.

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I don’t think we are remotely close to having reached a dead-end with grml-debootstrap yet.

There is a ton of such tools.


There are two sorts of VM image creation tools:

  • [A] those that use virtualiaztion, boot the image and do things
  • [B] those that use chroot (or maybe systemd-spawn)

[A] is a very big deal breaker due to files being created during boot such as entropy seeds and whatnot. Much less clean. Not suitable for redistribution.

In either case we’d have to diff:

  • the image created by grml-debootstrap vs the new tool.
  • create an image twice using the new tool and viewing the diff.


debos uses fakemachine a library that setups qemu-system allowing you to work in the image

That sounds like [A].

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Great explanation. I want to link it to a dev page FAQ.


grml-debootstrap also works mostly for arm if you use qemu-debootstrap in the config file or DEBOOTSTRAP variable.


OK added to wiki.

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Debian security advises not implemented in whonix (discussion/clarification) - #3 by Patrick

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