replace mousepad editor with something else that has spellchecking and better usability

Spellchecking is important as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Surfing_Posting_Blogging.

I don’t like mousepad too because you can’t even edit font size by mouse wheel.

gedit has the same issue but at least font size can be increased using menu. Issue with gedit is you need to remember to do spellchecking manually by clicking the tool from the hamburger menu, bad usability.

Best is to show wrongly written words right when typing. That’s best chance to still remember context and correct (or keep if false positive) them.

kate still has the bug of showing sometimes words marked as spelling mistake even though they are not.

A high usability editor would be desirable.


Leafpad sound good?

Edit: Its not in buster repository …


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Tested the Geany IDE, needed to be explicitly enabled and even then it didn’t work right away until I switched to GB-en

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btw have you used Emacs? does it has the same issues?

Emacs is a beast, but it remains to be seen if it makes sense for new users

A console based editor is certainly unsuitable for usability.

meant to refer to the GUI Emacs editors:



I have installed geany , well its not bad but you need to install as well with it spell checker plugin:


and configure that spell checker plugin to work inside the editor by going to their settings. (not out of the box nor taking advantage of hunspell or aspell…)

i went through a lot of editors , not really much i did find considering very simple plus it has its own spell checker or can read internal spell checker software like hunspell or aspell and available via debian repository.

and mousepad seems spell checker wont get into it any soon time: (ticket since 2005)


After digging more and more i found some nice stuff:


very much like a PDF editor , Supported export formats: HTML, ODT, PDF. It is also possible to write custom export extensions. (maybe reading/opening scripts not supported? other than that good for beginners)


Spell checker not active unless you press on the text then choose spell check then it will check for you if there is any errors. Contains many options (not sure if all of them works)

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