Rename troubadour to troubadoour?

By the way, would you like me to change your forum user name from troubadour to troubadoour so it matches your github user name?

smfforum says:

To change this member's username, the forum must also reset their password, which will be emailed to the member with their new username.

So you would need a functional e-mail or I would have to manage that somehow for you and tell you the new password out of band (other channel than forum).

I kind of like troubadour with one ‘o’, but since I keep typing troubadoour to log in the forum, yes, you can change it.

I have put a valid email in my profile. What will happen if I do it myself? Will troubadour be updated to troubadoour in my posts?

I dunno this works. Feel free to try.

I guess so.