Remove uncessary packages from Whonix-KVM

Hello, I noticed in Whonix-KVM gateway we currently have pipewire AND pulseaudio even if the user assigns low ram (256 mb or lower) which doesn’t make sense since gateway does not need audio, it hell sure does not need pipewire over pulseaudio either.

Assigning less RAM doesn’t result in removing any packages. It’s still the same Whonix-Gateway KVM Xfce but the desktop environment does not get booted.

  • Whonix for VirtualBox: There is Whonix-Gateway VirtualBox CLI.
  • Whonix for KVM: Whonix KVM maintainer @HulaHoop does not provide Whonix-Gateway KVM CLI downloadable binary builds. Advanced users could attempt to build these from source code.

I am aware of that but still, even if the desktop enviroment get booted it doesn’t make sense to have pipewire and pulseaudio running on gateway? what purpose does that serve? nothing

Gateway has audio support for accessibility support. → Orca Screen Reader
(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

The duplication pulseaudio + pipewire is because of dependency hell. Possible gdm3 might might be gone in the next release.

pulseaudio / pipewire might also be fully gone in favor of ALSA on day:

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