Remove Bitmessage?

Hey guys,

how can i remove Bitmessage from my Qubes-Whonix “anon-whonix” APP VM?

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Hi StuPiD123

Its always a good idea to make a backup before you make any changes to your system.

If you look in Email User Data Back-UP the BitMessage profile and all user-generated program data is in this file /home/user/PyBitmessage. Do you want to delete everything? All the configuration file? You will not be able to use Bitmessage again in this AppVM without installing Bitmessage agian.

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rm -rf "$HOME/PyBitmessage"

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yes i want to remove Bitmessage completely. But the command “rm -rf $HOME/PyBittmessage” doesn´t work in the Whonix-ws konsole.

Any Ideas?

Hi StuPiD123

There is only 1 “t” in PyBitmessage not 2. Try:

sudo rm -rf "$HOME/PyBitmessage"

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Same result with 1 “t” -> Nothing happens in Console

Any Ideas?

Edit: I can´t find the folder anymore so i guess it worked :slight_smile:

What do you expect to happen?

Did you use rm before? rm won’t show any output if it deletes a file or folder. Will only complain if file/folder does not exist.

I made edits and added quotes. Because when one adds a space after $HOME, it may as well nuke the whole home folder.