Remote Whonix-Gateway - Access to Whonix-Gateway from an external Computer

Hi !
Sorry if my question has already been asked …
I configured a Qubes on a little i5 (with 2 lan cards), with a basic initial config Whonix GW & WS VM.
On the other side I have my server running a Debian 11 and a VmWare (2 lan cards too).
I would like to use the Torrised Connection of my I5 from my VM on my VmWare…
I connected the second lan card of each directly with a cable.
The i5 is (1st card) direct on my ISP Box and the VmWare is connected throught my personnal Lan (with my personnal pc too) to internet through a pfsense.
How can i teach to my VM (VmWare) to use the gateway on my whonix-gw plz ? (for example a VM with a debian or a kali or a windows)
I haven’t been able to find info or tuto for such a config ?! (I’ve read a page on physical whonix isolation, but I don’t have a VirtualBox on my server, just a VmWare).
Thanks for your help.
(Sorry for my English !)

At the time of writing, the Whonix project is primarily designed for the Whonix-Workstation and Whonix-Gateway to be connected over a trusted network using virtual, isolated network cards.

Setting up a Remote Whonix-Gateway, where the Whonix-Gateway is accessed remotely from a different location, is currently not well-documented or and unsupported supported by the Whonix project.

While there are some pointers and references available on the Whonix website, they are insufficient to fully guide users in setting up a remote configuration.

Written just now:
Remote Whonix-Gateway

It is important to note that requesting support or documentation for this specific use case in any forums might not yield comprehensive results.

If achieving a Remote Whonix-Gateway configuration is crucial for your needs, you may need to explore alternative options. Finding a company or organization that specializes in secure networking and virtualization and is willing to contribute resources to implement and document this feature could be a viable approach. However, it’s important to consider that such development efforts might involve significant costs, potentially amounting to several thousand USD.

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Thank you @Patrick for your accurate answer.
It’s not enough important to do that for me to involve too much costs. I’ll try an other solution.
Too complex for my level … :slight_smile:
Thank you again for your time, I’ll explore furthermore the links you sent.

Have a good day.


Authenticated and encrypted connections between Whonix-Gateway ™ and Whonix-Workstation ™ would be necessary. This can be achieved using tools like OpenSSH or WireGuard.

I would suggest adding Nebula to that list, which is built for this use case. From docs:

Nebula was created to provide a mechanism for groups hosts to communicate securely, even across the internet, while enabling expressive firewall definitions similar in style to cloud security groups.

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