Redirect all non-local traffic to a socks proxy

How it possible to redirect all non-local (vm’s) traffic to a socks proxy on Qubes netvm localhost:1080 ?

I am trying to forward all my connections to a quick shadowsocks local proxy.

Is it possible with only iptables rules (like in whonix tor socks or http transparent proxy?) or i should create a virtual network interface for this?

redsocks + iptables can do.


Connecting to Tor before a Proxy

Nowhere complete instructions available by Whonix.

Thank you for the link. I install the special ss-redir (shadowsocks client as transparent proxy). And test it with local output traffic. And noticed that this transparent feature reduces speed to unacceptable level compared to regular shadowsocks client 50-70 vs 3-5 Mbit/s.