re-implement Tor Browser local version number detection


ID: 400
PHID: PHID-TASK-t6vg3vkkj5b55ecvv5et
Author: Patrick
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Wishlist


prerequisite knowledge:

Recent changes…

removed broken local version detection code due to upstream changes

  • explain that if users want to keep their user data, they are better off using TBB’s automatic internal updater
  • fix if local version detection failed
  • renamed update-torbrowser to torbrowser-downloader

Tor Browser update check has been deprecated, because local version detection code was broken since Tor Browser got its own internal updater. Also since Tor Browser now automatically updates itself without asking, there is less need for this test.


This is what tb-updater’s confirmation screen will look like if TBB is already installed.

{F327, size=full}


For me, @Patrick:

  • Low. Wishlist.
  • Because whonixcheck no longer checks Tor Browser’s version number.
  • TBB is automatically updating itself.
  • TBB is installed in Qubes by default.
  • Nowhere the user gets asked to start tb-updater anymore.
  • For re-downloading / re-installation of TBB if the user wishes to start with a new browser profile, tb-updater still works. In that case, determining the locally installed TBB version is unimportant.
  • Non-trivial to implement.



Write a script capable of detecting the version number of a locally installed Tor Browser.
(Some hints in this comment T118#6551 to get started.)



2019-06-21 03:05:04 UTC