RDP over Whonix

I’m trying to access to access to my RDP on Whonix with rdesktop I’m always getting error

Autoselecting keyboard map 'en-us' from locale 
Core(error): tcp_recv(), recv() failed: Connection reset by peer

Also have tried

rdesktop -u **User** -p **Password** -k en-us -4 -r sound:off **IP**

But neither this worked

What changes must be done so that I can use rdesktop?

Why is my post simply being ignored?

Seems you are using Rdesktop from Whonix to a Window machine
Firewall port is closed? Server doesn’t accept Tor?

Not everyone knows how to resolve this as it deals with a client not integrated in Whonix by default (rdesktop) with a Windows protocol (RDP) and with networking configuration (connection reset by peer).

If I don’t reply on your following post, I don’t have nothing to contribute or help you as I don’t know much about this, not that I ignored it.