Rdp over tor (remmina)

Using remmina client. connecting to bought for bitcoin VPS with windows. I remain anonymous? is there any nuances ?
Thanks for answers!

Just now created this stub:
Remote Administration - Whonix

Please search the wiki, forums for any term (such as Keystroke Fingerprinting) until documentation on these topics has improved.

Golden Rule: If your remote administration solution does not include Tor Hidden Services running in Authenticated mode then you shouldn’t do it.

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I am a bit do not understand , please explain .

In terms of VPS usage, you will (likely) be pseudonymous. If you use the VPS for both anonymous & non-anonymous activities, there is a good chance that they could be linked. Also, since the VPS is out of your physical control, it could be compromised without your knowledge.

HulaHoop is saying that you should run your VPS as a hidden service and then connect to the hidden service using VPN, SSH, RDP, VNC, etc. This will eliminate exit nodes from your circuits. But would have left you vulnerable to the 2014 CMU attack.

To prevent publishing your onion publicly, the second part of his reply suggests using Authenticated (Private) mode [Very Cool!]. Onion Services - Whonix

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