RDP over Tor doesn't work (Remmina)

I can’t get RDP over Tor to work, I’ve installed Remmina on Whonix and I’ve setup the HiddenService correctly, directing port 80 to port 3389.

I try to connect via Remmina to xxx.onion:80 or without entering the port, but it just doesn’t work…

I tried torify remmina or torsocks remmina and it doesn’t work either.

I don’t understand the stream isolation tutorial, for me there is no passage to setup stream isolation correctly, but I’m a linux noob too, maybe that’s why I don’t find a working “tutorial” in the official stram isolation guide by whonix.
But to my understanding, torsocks remmina should do the trick?

Thank you

Hello, welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

Tor UDP:

Unfortunately this subject is not fully documented:

If that page helps and/or you figure out some remote administration solution, please kindly consider contributing to our documentation as this is a frequently asked subject in Whonix forums.

I’d look into x2go and other VNC alternatives as these might be more suitable for slow and high latency solutions.

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There’s other latency friendly protocols Remmina supports when you install the plugins package. If you find any luck with them please post your instructions here.

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