RDP help - noob question

Apologies if it’s a dumb question, how do I determine my IP on ubuntu/whonix to punch into remmina?

I’m struggling with figuring out how to rdp whonix into another laptop on my wifi.

Simple, sufficient answer:

There is no IP by default which would be reachable from outside allowing to connect to. Possibly you might want to follow these instructions:

Advanced information, potentially confusing, not required if you use above answer:

Alternatively, this could give you an IP:


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Thank you for the links. I was able to figure out my problem partially.

I have 2 laptops on the same wifi network, one with Ubuntu and one with Win10. I was using the wrong IP initially but I was able to finally RDP my Ubuntu into Win10 laptop.

Now my challenge lies in doing this in VM Whonix (on my Ubuntu device). From my understanding, Whonix is now accessing my Win10 laptop as an external device (not one from the same network)…so I have to set up port forwarding to my Win10 laptop to grant my access to external connections.

I’d recommend to just use the host for remote control. No remote control connection directly into the VM. I.e. not RDP server inside the VM.

Opening a gateway port reachable from host is documented:

But host to workstation is undocumented. I.e. opening a workstation port reachable from host is undocumented.

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Thanks for your advice, I was finally able to achieve what I was attempting to do.

I wanted to control another computer via RDP while utilizing the anonymity of Whonix OS.
I was testing my RDP set up on my personal network and computer to see what it would look like on the receiving end of things.

I want to know what kind of information I am giving away while connecting to a computer via RDP with Whonix as host OS.

That is documented here:

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