Questions about Whonix Gateway

  1. daily apt upgrade services
    1.1. what is it for, how necessary is it?
    1.2. how can I manage it , switch off automatic updates and switch to manual mode?

  2. Sometimes a message appears (after the start of whonix gateway)
    Remarkable kernel message found using dmesg.
    timekeeping watchdog on CPU1 making clocksource ‘tsc’ as unstable because the scew is too large
    2.1. What is it all about?
    2.2. How critical is that?

  3. Sometimes a message appears (after the start of whonix gateway)
    Information KDESUDO
    no command argument supploed!
    Usage: kdesudo [-u ]
    KdeSudo will now exit
    3.1. What is it all about?
    3.2. How critical is that?

  4. When I use onion circuits I see that all tor chains contain the same first server, and it very rarely changes.
    How can I change the first tor server in tor chains shown in “Onion circuits” software?

  5. Sometimes when whonix gateway is started, (with a workstation connected or even without any workstations loaded), some connections appear in onion circuits. It happens approx. once in a half an hour - 2 hours. Connections with a very long weird string, it’s not just an ip or url - it’s something mixed, a long weird string with letters and numbers and something is connecting somewhere. What can it be?


That is to update the software on you system. You will receive any security patches if there are any available. Without those patches your system will be vulnerable. You can update Whonix using the terminal.

Not sure. Look for the error using your search engine.

Taken from

Will solve the issue:

  1. go to “system settings -> startup and shutdown -> desktop session.”
  2. in the “on login” section, change it from “restore previous session” to “start with an empty session.”

You don’t want to change the first Tor relay. That is your entry guard.

Not sure. I would have to see a log or the “weird string”. Try using your search engine to see if the sting returns anything. That could get you pointed in the right direction.

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How to switch the automatic update mode off and make all updates manually, when I want to make an update?
Also, which soft on whonix gateway can update itself automatically without asking me? how to switch it to manual update mode?

Hi whonixuser9

I’m not sure what you mean by automatic update mode. Whonix is updated manually by using the konsole or Qubes mananger if your using Qubes-Whonix. Otherwise thereno software is not updated.

As far as Whonix-Gateway there is not software updating without asking you. It possible what you are seeing is network time sync. Its very important for security/anonymity. Its strongly recommended that sdwdate remains enabled.

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Whonix doesn’t have automatic updates.

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