Questions About VPN in Whonix

Hello again.
My host machine have a windows 7, also connect a vpn in this host machine, my question is if a virtual machine whonix gateway is more secure and if the getaway work through by vpn

And the last question, I can connect vpn with network manager openvpn in the whonix workstation?, I try install network manager but I don’t see installed in the workstation machine…

I not speak very well english sorry for the mistakes.

Hi, gateway/workstation can run through VPNs in any combination.

Have you seen our documentation on the topic already?

See also:

Hello, thanks Patrick for response

I prefer use a host with debian, but I don’t have succes to connect my wifi usb to my wifi connection, I try but disconnect all the time my internet…

About my question for use a network manager in whonix workstation, it’s possible, because I install with the command sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn and after I don’t see installed in the system…

It is possible as per:

But in my experience the command line tools (openvpn also as per https://www.whonix.org/wiki/TestVPN) cause much less headaches setting them due to issues caused by the gui tools themselves.

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