Questions About VPN in Whonix

Hello again.
My host machine have a windows 7, also connect a vpn in this host machine, my question is if a virtual machine whonix gateway is more secure and if the getaway work through by vpn

And the last question, I can connect vpn with network manager openvpn in the whonix workstation?, I try install network manager but I don’t see installed in the workstation machine…

I not speak very well english sorry for the mistakes.

Hi, gateway/workstation can run through VPNs in any combination.

Have you seen our documentation on the topic already?

See also:

Hello, thanks Patrick for response

I prefer use a host with debian, but I don’t have succes to connect my wifi usb to my wifi connection, I try but disconnect all the time my internet…

About my question for use a network manager in whonix workstation, it’s possible, because I install with the command sudo apt-get install network-manager-openvpn and after I don’t see installed in the system…

It is possible as per:

But in my experience the command line tools (openvpn also as per VPN Tunnel Setup Examples) cause much less headaches setting them due to issues caused by the gui tools themselves.