Question about TOR's routing when using Whonix

I am a new user to Whonix, I have a question I wasn’t able to find an answer to, and was hoping I could get help here.
I noticed when using Whonix that when I’m on Tor browser and I click on the green lock at the left side of the search bar all I get is “connection secure”.
When I use Tor browser on TailsOS, or even if I use Tor on my standard OS I will usually see a route if I click that green lock… Example
Host (ip)
Finland (ip)Guard
Germany (ip)
UK (ip)
But when on Whonix I only see “Connection Secure”. Is this a result of something I’ve set up wrong, or because of the split work space / gateway?
I’m using Whonix on Virtualbox. Any help would be much appreciated. I’m still a learning a lot, but I listen well.
Thanks in advance.

Please have a look at this chapter:


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Perfect. That is great information, and exactly what I was looking for.
Thank you kindly.

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