Question about Multiple Workstations and Stream isolation.

Hello. First I’d like to say thank you Patrick for all you’ve done in the creation and development of the Whonix Project.

My question is the following. When I am using a singular whonix gateway (sys whonix). and I have multiple disposable tor browsers (two workstations) connected to same whonix gateway, what happens when both tor browsers in each vm reach the same site?

For example if tor browser in Disposable VM ONE reaches the website ‘example(dot)com’ and has an exit node of ip address of 123.555.999.

What happens when tor browser in disposable VM TWO goes on the same site? will it have the same ip address or will it have a different exit ip?

i ask because obviously connections to the same website in the same tor browser have the same ip even if multiple tabs are open. But I wonder what the case is if tor browser in a separate whonix workstation connects to the same website if the separate workstations share the same whonix gateway.

I already read up on the documentation and haven’t seen this particular scenario written upon.

Should be stream isolated.

Often yes, but not guaranteed. Stream isolation does not guarantee different Tor exit IPs. Tor might only use a different entry or middle relay.

Tips on Remaining Anonymous chapter Only Use One Online Pseudonym at the Same Time in Whonix wiki

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