Question about commands in terminal

When running the command “sudo ifconfig” (to check internal LAN IP Address), the following terms are used:


“Inet addr”
“Inet6 addr”


“Inet addr”
“Inet6 addr”

What do these terms mean, and which one of them is the internal LAN IP Address? When using two separate workstations, I’ve noticed that all of the values (except for “Inet6 addr”) are the same in both, and I am wondering if these values should be changed in order to differentiate the two.

In addition, does it matter if a Workstation’s MAC address is changed AFTER that workstation has already had Tor Browser installed within it?

Does anyone know why the first six numbers of the MAC Address seem to always be the same even if it is randomized?

About what these stuff means, see:

There are all internal IP addresses.

No need to change anything.

MAC mostly applies to the host:

Changing ws MAC is super minor detail. Not worth bothering.

For MAC address I can say that the first six alphanumeric figures don’t change .
I don’t remember the name of this figures but the MAC it’s composed from to parts, it’s important to spoof the last six figures .
Enjoy :slight_smile: .