Query Regarding IP Leakage in Different Network Conditions

  • whonix on virtualbox & host : windows

Question 1: IP Leakage when WiFi is Disconnected

When my device’s WiFi is turned off and there is no internet connection, I understand that Whonix is designed to route traffic through the Tor network. However, I’m curious about the scenario when the device has no internet connection at all. Will my real IP be leaked to any site under this condition? How does Whonix handle such situations, and are there any potential risks of IP leakage?

Question 2: Using Whonix Safely After WiFi Reconnection

Assuming my device loses internet connection and then reconnects to WiFi, I’m interested in knowing whether Whonix can seamlessly resume its secure operation without any risk of IP leakage. Specifically, can I add a new connection after the WiFi comes back, or should I restart Whonix to ensure a safe and secure connection through Tor?


If such a critical bug would be a known issue, we would at least need a conspicuous notice, if not deprecate the project.

This type of bugs are highly unlikely due to Whonix’s technical design.

Not needed.

The only usability issue could be in theory that Tor fails to reconnect. A connectivity issue. But that is unrelated to leaks. In that case, a restart of Tor would fix it.

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  1. Connection Re-establishment: When your internet connection is restored, the Tor Browser will attempt to re-establish a connection through the Tor network. During the brief period between the restoration of your internet connection and the reconnection to the Tor network, there could be a potential window for exposure.

whonix manges the tor right ? is my ip leaked to website by tor ?


It’s not a VPN. There’s no IP forwarding. There’s no routing table modifications which are added/removed depending on the state of the VPN software.

If Whonix-Gateway doesn’t provide services because there are no open ports on the internal network of it it is powered off, then Whonix-Workstation cannot connect.

As a leak test you can simply power off Whonix-Gateway and try to use Whonix-Workstation. This is described here:
Leak Tests chapter Leaks through the host or VM in Whonix wiki

No connections will be possible.


It’s default systemd unit with configuration from GitHub - Whonix/anon-gw-anonymizer-config. Related:

But even if you stop Tor on Whonix-Gateway, that’s safe.

To really understand this you probably need to built it yourself. Maybe even using physical isolation (two physically separate computers direct connected by LAN cable without a router and without WiFi).