Qubes Whonix Windows Workstation Internet Issues

Trying to setup a windows vm running through whonix. Setup windows 7 vm with no net vm at first, and once installed connected to sys whonix. Made changes to IPV4 shows as connected to a network, but that network has no access to the internet. Is there something I’m doing wrong or missing?

That’s the page I made the IPV4 changes from. Are there changes I need to make anywhere else?

I never managed Windows in Qubes without bluescreen. Can’t test.

Try with another HVM first perhaps for testing/exercise.

Tried it in virtual box on windows. Got whonix gateway with windows workstation to work. Did the exact same things I did in qubes except it works. Possibly some driver issue on qubes?

Yes, but I wouldn’t know. Better to ask Qubes.

Did you ever mange Windows in Qubes clearnet connectivity?

There is issue with every HVM trying to connect to whonix-gw , this is not about windows but so as other operating systems.

so this is mostly qubes issue

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Is there a Qubes issue that any HVM has issues connecting to any NetVM?

I.e. not a Whonix issue at all? Totally unrelated to Whonix?