Qubes-Whonix Uninstall / Reinstall wiki page revision required

This could use a technical revision (and maybe also some formatting enhancements). Very old page.

Not sure that makes sense there. Perhaps more logical to split into separate chapters Remove Whonix TemplateBased VMs and Uninstall Whonix TemplateVMs?

  • strange options / strange writing style

Option 2a. Uninstall Whonix-Gateway TemplateVM
Option 2b. Uninstall Whonix-Workstation TemplateVM

    1. Remove the Whonix Workstation DisposableVM Template

That has to be done before Uninstall Whonix-Workstation TemplateVM?

  • checking overall if all of instructions are working at all

for Qubes reinstall from Qubes-Whonix ™ Overview we currently link to:

  • Does that work for Whonix as is?
  • Worth having a page in Whonix wiki that is Whonix specific and R4.0 only?
  • Can users re-install (some) Whonix templates over Tor (Whonix)?