Qubes-Whonix TOR-VPN-Socks?

Hey guys,

I´m new to Qubes-Whonix so I want to ask here serveral questions.

  1. Is it possible to root the traffic from a Whonix-ws APP VM through TOR -> VPN -> Socks -> World Wide Web?

  2. I read about this previously and i guess that a have to create a new proxyVM for each part? For example: A proxyVM for the VPN client, so that i can Root the Whonix-ws APP VM through this ProxyVM?

  3. How should the chain look?

Whonix-ws APP VM -> ProxyVM (VPN) -> ProxyVM (Socks) -> Sys-Whonix -> Sys-Firewall -> Sysnet -> World Wide Web?

  1. Which Software in the ProxyVM´s do I need?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hi StuPiD123


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