Qubes-Whonix its safe?

Are there any really working options for an attacker to get the real IP address of a whonix user? If the user does not install unverified applications, uses only the TOR browser, and installs all updates on time. In general, if the user did not make any mistakes, can his real IP still be compromised?
Now I’m only asking about the IP address. I’m not looking at other deanonymization options here.

New day. Same question.

If you read both topics, you’ll realize that they raise different questions

Yes. 0-days exist. Traffic correlation attacks also exist. Tor and Whonix cannot protect you from the NSA or any well funded government who is able to develop their own 0-days.

I don’t believe anything can actually.

The question might be a bit different but I don’t have any answer than already given in the other forum thread.