Qubes/whonix and "stream isolation" understanding for non-default applications

I do understand that Whonix is great reagrding “Stream-Isolation” with the routing trough differents “TorSocks” rather than standard “TransPort” offered by Tor…

That “stream-isolation” is already configured inside Whonix, for preinstalled default packages, and one need to individually configure “TorSocks” routng for any other installed packages. (This is actually out of my knowledge).

But so, Inside Qubes, do I have any advantages to install applications that I want connected to TOR, inside a VM based on Whonix-ws template, rather than a standard Debian or Fedora templates routed to “sys-whonix” ?

Considering that this AppVM would be only used as domain for 1 Torified applications (Monero GUI for example) What is the advantage of whonix workstation template, rather than stripped-down fedora-minimal template in such case (so with no stream-isolation) ?

Thanks for your answers !

Hi AnonGuy

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