Qubes-Whonix 14 (4.0.1-201901231238) TemplateVMs Point Release for Qubes R4

special instructions required to securely update because of apt security update [DSA 4371-1] are not required since this point release already contains the security fixed APT version.

(Same version as recommended in Qubes Security Bulletin #46.)

This is a point release.

A point release is not a separate, new version of Whonix. Instead, it is a re-release of Whonix which is inclusive of all updates up to a certain point.

Installing any version of Whonix 14 and fully updating it leads to a system which is identical to installing a Whonix point release.

If the Whonix installation is updated, no further action is required.

Regardless of the current installed version of Whonix, if users wish to install (or reinstall) Whonix for any reason, then the point release is a convenient and more secure method, since it bundles all Whonix updates that are available at that specific time.

Installation Guide:

Re-Installation Guide: