Qubes-Whonix TemplateVMs for R3.2 and R4--Testers Wanted!

There is another pitfall where a manually-created whonix-ws-based VM will inherit the default dispvm of the system (System Tools > Qubes Global Settings). This could potentially be a clearnet VM, which can then leak IP if the whonix-ws-based VM is compromised (e.g. it can open an html page in a clearnet browser that fetches a 3rd party resource).

It’s a non-issue for the Salt method - in fact, I believe this was one of the pitfalls that motivated automating the setup in Salt in the first place (the other being application of the anon-vm tag).

It’s also a non-issue if you’re simply re-using the existing sys-whonix, anon-whonix, of course.

It’s an issue for manual creation, though.

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Indeed, this is something users may not think to check i.e. Whonix DispVMs use clearnet

Another issue being the steps involved in creating the VMs are long and complicated. How many times have we changed the instructions? salt solves this as well. (thankfully)

Updated instructions (step 8) to use Qubes VM Manager as primary method to create sys-whonix and anon-whonix VMs. salt is an optional method. Opted to include detailed steps for VM creation in lieu of adding a link to documentation.

Do you think having users imitate old VM network settings would be easier or maybe less confusing than following the instructions the way they are now?

If any changes are needed (formatting, content etc.) please let me know.


3) The remaining main problem is tor config changes.

Can anybody else get Sandbox 1 and ConnectionPadding 1 to work in Whonix 14 and have Tor connect?

Hi @torjunkie !

I tested both ConnectionPadding 1 and Sandbox 1.

It turns out ConnectionPadding 1 will not cause any trouble.

Using Sandbox 1 will git the following complains:

Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [notice] Read configuration file “/usr/share/tor/tor-service-defaults-torrc”.
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [notice] Read configuration file “/etc/tor/torrc”.
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [warn] sandbox_intern_string(): Bug: No interned sandbox parameter found for /etc/torrc.d/95_whonix.conf (on Tor )
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [warn] sandbox_intern_string(): Bug: No interned sandbox parameter found for /etc/torrc.d/95_whonix.conf (on Tor )
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [warn] Could not open “/etc/torrc.d/95_whonix.conf”: Permission denied
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [warn] Error reading included configuration file or directory: “/etc/torrc.d/95_whonix.conf”.
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [err] Reading config failed–see warnings above. For usage, try -h.
Apr 02 00:35:24.000 [warn] Restart failed (config error?). Exiting
I do not know what does “No interned sandbox parameter” means. Would you
like to ask on the tor-talk@ mailing list?

Hi iry,

Already reported by Patrick to the Tor Project (no response as of yet).


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Hi 0brand,

Looks like you’ve covered everything off (now you know why I dodged this task :slight_smile: ).

I guess it’s up to the core team to decide now ie whether the simple testers guide as per no1’s 3 steps is preferred, or the full blown guide as per your entry. Or, the blog post could be a combination of:

  1. Easy - quick testers guide with 3 steps
  2. Advanced - full testers guide with 8 steps

I’m happy to further test Whonix 14 for full functionality, but it would be good for the experts to chime in with a simple yah or neh whether some of the things we are identifying are security risks or nothing to worry about e.g:

  • plethora of socks ports listening
  • “anon vm” tag issues in Qubes 4 with manual creation of VMs when not resorting to salt
  • “loopback interface” warnings etc
  • apparmor warnings on some profiles
  • etc.
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Thanks everyone for all your help! :slight_smile:


@Patrick - please publish 0brand’s blog entry once this change is made.

Salt has to be sorted out first. Currently 13 vs 14 vs testing vs salt
is very messy.

Salt has to be mandatory. No support to do it manually without salt.


What salt does has just gotten too comprehensive.


(We could have instructions on how to do things manually without salt
for educative purposes but it shouldn’t be relied on.)

Any salt issues should be reported to

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  • plethora of socks ports listening
  • “loopback interface” warnings etc

Could call it false positives. This warnings don’t apply to Whonix. Many
SocksPorts for stream isolation. Listening on non-localhost so these are
reachable from Whonix-Workstations.

  • apparmor warnings on some profiles

Low priority. Might have been previously discussed. Please report
separately to Whonix AppArmor forums.

  • “anon vm” tag issues in Qubes 4 with manual creation of VMs when not
    resorting to salt


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See also Whonix related bugs on Qubes issue tracker.


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For a “Testers Wanted” , its assumed users come to the table with the basic knowledge on how to use Qubes-Whonix – IMHO. The way the blog is written know is similar to how a wiki chapter is written. It would be helpful for inexperienced users but for the most part unnecessary. That is if you look at the current testers reporting back with issues. I’m not sure they need a detailed guide? Well, maybe unman but thats about it . :smile:

If the previous testers guide is sufficient ( https://www.whonix.org/blog/qubes-whonix-13-0-0-1-2-testers-wanted ) i.e works well, uncomplicated. I think maybe we should stick with that format ?

@0brand - Realized that for greater tester safety, we really should have a step where they explicitly copy & paste the Tor state file from Whonix 13 into the Whonix 14 VM before any Tor connections are made, to resist adversary efforts in tracking testers i.e. maintain same Tor guard.

Unapologetically tinfoil, I know. :wink:


Seccomp problem has been fixed in Tor v3.3 final.


Since Whonix users are currently on Tor 3.2.9 or 3.2.10, this results in the crash when setting Sandbox 1 in the torrc user.conf


OnionShare - tested and working in Whonix 14 (see Long Wiki Edits thread).

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  • problem cant upgrade whonix:-

sudo apt update



  • what should be added/changed here:-

any further steps should be taken?

the answer is adding these lines at the top of all text:-

nameofwhonix-gwtemplate $default allow,target=nameofappvmbasedongw 

nameofwhonix-wstemplate $default allow,target=nameofappvmbasedongw
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@iry Duplicate shortcuts Contents:-

  • Anon Connection Wizard
  • Whonix Setup - Whonix connection wizard

showing the same thing:-

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Thank you for reporting, @TNT_BOM_BOM !

This is actually expected behaviors.

I guess Whonix-Setup-Wizard will soon become deprecated (correct? @Patrick ). Currently, its behaviors are as follows:

kdesudo whonix-setup-wizard setup will:

  1. if it is in Whonix-Gateway, start anon-connection-wizard
  2. if it is in Whonix-Workstation, do nothing

kdesudo whonix-setup-wizard repository will open Whonix Repository whose shortcut has been provided separately.

kdesudo whonix-setup-wizard locale_settings will open locale settings, which are not very helpful considering Whonix does not support multi-languages currently.


Duplicate starter will be removed, thanks! :slight_smile:


I guess Whonix-Setup-Wizard will soon become deprecated (correct? @Patrick ). Currently, its behaviors are as follows:

We discussed in the ACW thread what it’s still needed for.

What the source files of https://github.com/Whonix/whonix-setup-wizard do is not implemented elsewhere. Not sure it should be implemented elsewhere. If implemented in ACW (possible of course) then ACW could become too Whonix specific. ACW source code would get bigger and less beautiful. At the moment the Whonix specific parts are as much as possible nicely sourced out to WSW.

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@Patrick change the shortcuts links (Contribute, Donate, Documentation …etc) on the desktop from clearnet to onion v3.

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Got you! Thank you for the explaination!

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Stretch In-Release has an expired release file i.e. the one pointing to the Whonix v3 onion.

So, when trying to update, you get the same problem as this issue below, which was previously a server side issue->


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