Qubes-Whonix - Testers Wanted! / gtk2-engines-pixbuf

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Qubes-Whonix only!

Either start with fresh templates. I.e. uninstall qubes-template-whonix-gw and qubes-template-whonix-ws. Then, to install, run in dom0:

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-dom0-unstable qubes-template-whonix-gw qubes-template-whonix-ws

Or you can also upgrade from Whonix testers repository. Please refer to the following instructions:

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Whonix DispVMs!!!

I attempted to follow the instructions here, but was unable to get past the step:

apt-get install qubes-whonix-gateway

Here is the log from Whonix Gateway template: debian Pastezone.

Please re-run.

sudo apt-get update

And try again. Please report if that works for you.

Yes, upgraded successfully now. Thank you for the help.

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  1. Love that Whonix 13 installed templates are half the size of Whonix 12 templates.
  • Some UI elements (file selection dialog, progress bars, etc) look like Windows 95.
  • Guess that #1 & #2 are related?

Possibly. Do you have a screenshot?

Known issue: Bug #762167 “missing dependency on gtk2-engines-pixbuf” : Bugs : light-themes package : Ubuntu
Solution (works): install gtk2-engines-pixbuf (629 KB on disk)
No idea what that is or if it’s safe. Package is present in Whonix-12 Workstation.


Whonix-12: TorBrowser

Whonix-13: TorBrowser

Whonix-12: Dolphin

Whonix-13: Dolphin

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Good day,

Could you maybe look via gtk-theme-switch what themes are available?

Have a nice day,


That’s fine. Most likely should get re-installed by default in Whonix 14.


To my untrained eye, Adwaita & Raleigh look identical (maybe they’re both not installed?), and neither looks right without gtk2-engines-pixbuf.

However, oxygen-gtk seems to look “normal” even without gtk2-engines-pixbuf. (Still generates message: Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "pixmap")

So another solution is to switch theme to oxygen-gtk. I think
gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface gtk-theme "oxygen-gtk"
should work but I can’t test it with a dispVM. Will try some other time.

is whonix 13 available on the stable installation ?

so i can use this command:-

sudo qubes-dom0-update --enablerepo=qubes-templates-community qubes-template-whonix-gw qubes-template-whonix-ws


However, templates are never upgraded by qubes-dom0-update by [the sane] Qubes default. So if you have Whonix already installed and want to do a new re-installation from the repository, you have to uninstall the template rpm packages first.

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Is it still in testing?

Edit: I think this post means that it has moved from testing to stable (actual status, not repo location), but it’s not entirely clear to me.

There is a supposed flow of information, but unfortunately it does not actually work.

In short, most important information such as stable releases are posted in the Whonix blog category important.

News - Whonix Forum

Yes, News - Whonix Forum means it has moved from testing to stable for actual status and repo location.

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Should we remove gtk2-engines-pixbuf for Whonix 14 [Debian stretch based]?


  • gtk2-engines-oxygen and
  • gtk3-engines-breeze

be sufficient as replacements?

I am wondering, because anon-meta-packages/control at master · Whonix/anon-meta-packages · GitHub is referencing gtk2-engines-pixbuf in multiple places. Not clean. If gtk2-engines-oxygen can replace it, we could get rid of gtk2-engines-pixbuf.