qubes-whonix 10 ./whonix_build command needs to be updated for Whonix 10


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PHID: PHID-TASK-7th7cmwnxaxmi647raws
Author: Patrick
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To save you some headache figuring out how the command line interface changed for Whonix 10, I looked at your build command.

sudo ~/Whonix/whonix_build \
    --build $1 \
    --64bit-linux \
    --current-sources \
    --enable-whonix-apt-repository \
    --whonix-apt-repository-distribution $2 \
    --install-to-root \
    --skip-verifiable \
    --minimal-report \
    --skip-sanity-tests || { exit 1; }

No features have been removed. Just the interface is now much more pretty and future proof. So it should still work out all just fine. Here is a table that is an overview of old and new command line parameters.

old new
–build $1 –build --flavor whonix-gateway
–64bit-linux –kernel
–current-sources –freshness current
–enable-whonix-apt-repository –whonix-repo wheezy
–install-to-root –target root
–minimal-report –report minimal
–skip-sanity-tests –sanity-tests false
–skip-verifiable –verifiable false

The build command for Whonix 10, will look somewhat like this.

sudo ./whonix_build --flavor whonix-gateway -- --build --target root --[...]

For more info on command line…

sudo ./whonix_build --help
sudo ./help-steps/whonix_build_one --help

I have two questions or so on why you are using some build options, but I will create threads in the forums.



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