Qubes News: New Qubes Roadmap

Qubes News: New Qubes Roadmap


Joanna (Qubes founder) has posted a new Qubes roadmap online that is of note for those interested in Qubes + Whonix.

The roadmap is a .dot file inside of a Git repository.

Here is an April 2015 snapshot of the Qubes roadmap:

Here is how you see most current version of this new Qubes roadmap:

Do the following commands in a Debian/Whonix terminal:

sudo apt-get install xdot git -y

git clone https://github.com/rootkovska/qubes-roadmap

cd qubes-roadmap


okular roadmap.pdf &

Then you should see a very nice PDF of the new Qubes roadmap.

You can do this every so often to check for new updates.

What is most interesting in the Qubes roadmap for Qubes + Whonix is…

“Whonix 10 template” pointing to “Out of the box Tor setup” :smiley:

Along with the HAL (hypervisor abstraction layer) and alternative hypervisor stuff.