Qubes News: New Git-based Blog

Qubes News: New Git-based Blog


Joanna (Qubes founder) has migrated the ITL/Qubes blog over to a new git repo and is also visible on a new personal site of hers.

More info available on the personal site above.

This is a neat way to more independently and securely publish and distribute a blog or other such information. I think I may follow Joanna’s lead and do something similar regarding my Qubes + Whonix work.

FYI: There is soon to be another announcement from Joanna regarding the Qubes R3 roadmap and other plans for similarly verifiable Qubes web infrastructure.

Good stuff! :smiley:

Related on whonix.org, reminded me to write that and look that up again:

[quote=“Patrick, post:2, topic:862”]Related on whonix.org, reminded me to write that and look that up again:

Nice! :smiley:

Yes. Abstracted portable Git version control as a data backend is a neat concept.

The capabilities could be replicated in a relational database format, and arguably work better for web apps that use the data, but that would be custom and there would be much less or no established support for it in web apps.

Git-based backup systems is interesting too.

At least Git is more of an established public utility to try to base web apps upon.

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