Qemu i386 support

Why are our qemu xml files currently called ${VMNAME}_qemu-x86-x64.xml. Are they dependent on x86-x64? Should they work on i386 systems as well? Maybe just must be removed? Can you test please?

No not dependent, I just tested with: qemu-system-i386 and it works. Yes because its pure QEMU emulation without the processor being at all involved it should work on i386 hardware too. The number of different architectures QEMU can emulate on the default hardware it runs on is amazing. does not make a difference.

I don’t see the point of adding yet another settings profile for a slow emulation mode if the former works just fine.

I don’t see the point either and I am not suggesting it.

What I am suggesting is to rename the qemu files.



what do you think?

Its ok go for it. The reason I put hardware arch in there was becuase I was planning on getting ARM qemu support online. But that will probably not be possible.


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