Psi Plus on the Chat wiki page?

Psi-Plus operation system leak info - #5 by k2012319

Suggested edit by @k2012319 most likely.
Chat: Difference between revisions - Whonix

Any opinions?

I’d say no. OTR support is not enough to make a recommendation. Things like security audits and privacy awareness are necessary IMHO.

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Should we list software that we recommend against there or use the razor blade?

razor blade and add a small warning should do:

“If its not listed its not recommended”

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Edit rejected. Sorry about that. @k2012319

Added here:
Instant Messenger Chat

So why didn’t you use the razor blade to cut Pidgin? I think you should make a separate section with big warning like “this software is not recommened because it privacy friendliness couldn’t be proved. Found obvious privacy leaks:” and list software like Pidgin, Psi etc.

Also known solutions against obvious leaks should be listed too:
First, if user really needs exactly this protocol then you can’t stop him. So let user to shoot himself in the foot avoiding stepping on known rakes.
Secondly, we don’t know whether there are more privacy leaks in the software. May be listing known privacy leaks and solutions will be sufficient? At least we warn the user.

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That’s a good question. The main reason might be, that Pidgin was on that page for years, when that was still the state of the latest knowledge and only available client by that time.

It’s up for debate if and when pidgin should be removed along with TorChat.