proxychains + Tor and whonix (adding new comparison)

maybe we can add the last table of the comparison with proxychains.

i know it is not easy job to do and add new table or to renew it. but @patrick if u can give/show which tools/methods u did use to check every attack in the comparison table maybe i can figure out and try to find time for it in the soon time to re-check the attacks again.

to read about proxychains (it is kinda like corridor)

ProxyChains 3.1

ProxyChains 4.10

ProxyChains 4.2.0

proxychains is a proxifier. More similar to torsocks. Very different from corridor. It doesn’t make sense to add it to Anonymity Operating System Comparison - Whonix ™ vs Tails vs Tor Browser Bundle. They main disadvantage of proxifier tools is, that they either work, or leak. And it is difficult to make sure, that there are no leaks.

There is some more information on proxy chains here:

yeah it is proxifier except proxychains for unix like.

thought they are like corridor , except with small differences.

so u think non of these worth to compare with ? :point_down:

No, because for most stuff, it would just say “no”.

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