Proxy or VPN through Tor

Can I use a browser other than Tor Browser on Whonix? (like regular Firefox or Brave)? (to then route this through a VPN through Tor). For the purpose of hiding from a website that I am using Tor.

I am aware that if I use this same VPN for over 10 minutes, it can lead to de-anonymization over time as it can see my Tor Exit nodes changing. I am also aware of my vulnerability to Javascript, but this website requires me to use javascript anyway, so does NoScript even help me if I’m using “safer” or “standard” modes?

Also, couldn’t I just put No-script add-on on new firefox?

Answered here:

You very most likely won’t be able to replicate Tor Browser’s protections in any other browsers. Also elaborated in above wiki page.

Same as Tor Browser. Unspecific to Whonix.

Yes I clearly see in the documentation that Tor Browser is far superior to just using Tor. However if a website bans Tor, there is no other option than VPN through Tor. I understand it is inferior, I am asking if it is technically possible to do in Whonix? If so, how?

I put brave browser on whonix and it won’t even connect to the internet

Thanks for linking high quality documentation and creating such a great platform. Do you have documentation on how to actually do the Tor->>Dedicated IP VPN ? The documentation you provided (while extremely useful) only goes over the risks.

Instructions how to do that are linked from that wiki page.