ProtonMail Bridge

ProtonMail Bridge requires Gnome keyring or pass (passwordstore).

Which is better?

It’s usually a package: gnome-keyring. It pulls some dependencies but not too many; also it relies its own keyring daemon and dbus-session bus and/or system-bus for some of its activities, not much more to say. If you use it, make sure to enable it to start on boot. You could install via apt from the commandline; I believe it’s in the main debian repo.

Is Gnome keyring better to use than pass (passwordstore dot org)?

Better? No, probably not. That is, these are just mechanisms that store “secrets.” The gnome keyring is general purpose in that it can store system keys, secrets, ssh, etc. It is also a daemon that runs in the background. Keyrings like gnome-keyring can serve a lot of applications and store all manner of certificates, passwords, keys and all sorts of stuff. Pass, stores passwords in a gpg encrypted file and can be easily manipulated on the commandline.
From a matter of simplicity, passwordstore looks better because it uses simple text files as opposed to an entire keyring daemon. It also appears to be available in the repos.
Try the simpler option: passwordstore, and if you do not like it, or if it does not meet your requirements, then try the larger gnome-keyring.

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