Processor name and wrong core frequency

Hello. I use command “cat /proc/cpuinfo” for check processor name in Whonix Gateway and Workstation.
It looks like a two-core processor with different frequency cores 3.0GHz and 1.9GHz
If i use this guide ⚓ T408 --synthcpu was removed from VirtualBox, use --cpuid-portability-level or --cpuidremoveall? for replacing the processor name on the Windows guest OS i have same problem: one core 3.0 GHz second core 1.9 GHz. (i add link because im new. i can add only one image)
The frequency of the second core in guest os always equal to the frequency of the host processor. I tested it on different processors.

I know one project that is correctly replaced by the processor name and frequency, provided that the Windows host system. There is also partial support for Linux. Unfortunately, I can not test it. I do not know English well and do not have enough knowledge. I will leave links. Perhaps this will help the Whonix developers with the correct change of host processor name and other data.

Linux support