Problems with user-->tor(gateway)-->vpn connection

hey guys…
I tried a lot!
set up 2 virtual machines:

  1. whonix gateway updated and working
  2. win7 using the 1. machine as gateway.

then I set the network adapter to these settings:
IP address
Subnet netmask
Default gateway
Preferred DNS server

everything worked fine. the whole traffic from the second win7 machine is working over the tor network!

then I installed openvpn and put in the certificates and configs from my vpn provider.
when I try to connect it stucks while connecting…

with normal NAT and automatic IP everything works fine with the vpn.
but when I put the internal network to Whonix with the network adapter settings above the vpn fails to connect.

would be realy nice to get a setup like this:
me --> tor --> vpn --> www

did I forget anything?
thx for reading and goodbye

Already know this page?

Used TCP rather than UDP?

thanks for the fast reply!
how is it possible to change this?
as far as I know its the port? maybe in the openvpn conf something?

Yes, OpenVPN config. Search https://www.whonix.org/wiki/TestVPN for:

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