problems witch access

i changed my passwords and reboot my virtualbox whonixxfce . and if i want to logout i cant get access with loginmanager using user or root as user and using my changed passwords which works in shell… ist this a bug or is there another standard pw for loginmanager ? pls help me. its the same in gateway and workstation. i need to go root in desktop environment to work on … because i have to make some changes …

client: windows10 virtualbox whonix xfce 9.9 64 bit

You shouldn’t login as root. That is a massive security hole. You especially shouldn’t run GUI programs as root like a desktop environment.

As for your issue, it seems you’ve forgotten your password. You can either reinstall Whonix or configure a live ISO in virtualbox on the same virtual machine, boot into the live ISO, chroot into Whonix and run passwd to change the password.

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i didnt forgot my password because i implemented it again in virtualbox and put the same password again. if i am in shell i can get access on root with changeme and i want to login over loginmanager i cant get access with root or user and the right password or changeme. nothing works at this state. think it could really be a bug. sometimes i need to go on root in my desktop environment.

This is unsupported in most linux distributions. This can and probably does break a lot things (I am not talking about security here - leaving that aside - this can break functionality).

Install Additional Software Safely

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