probleme for installing QubesOS

Firstly I want to say : I hate the fact that I need to register on a website to post something specially on the forum of an anonym OS, it really sucks…
So, yeah I have a little problem I have tried to install Qubes OS 3.1 (the last version) on my Asus x550cl laptop the installation stuck on a black screen with a lot of errors, I have even tried to install the OS on virtualbox before but impossible :frowning: tommorow I will try to install the 3.0 or others version to see…
Do someone have a idea ? I have also another question : I have a desktop how can I know if it will be possible to install Qubes on it ??
Thanks in advance :slightly_smiling:

I really enjoy the concept of Qubes but yeah… If I can’t install it on any of my machines it sucks lol, to have it on my desktop if more important through

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Sorry about that, but otherwise spam, etc. wouldn’t be managable.

Furthermore, please regard this: What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not. This isn’t the right place to ask something like this.

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