Problem with Whonix

Hi I have a problem with whonix and virtualbox.
when I start whonix on virtualbox,it doesn’t work, it appears with a black screen and it doesn’t start.
any help?
thanks for support

Please see if this helps:


Hello, a few days ago I started having some trouble with whonix+virtualbox. Whenever I open the gateway its okay, but when I then open the workstation my mac shuts off. Experienced this a few months ago, but I thought I fixed it. Thank you for your help

Welcome to Whonix forums and thank you for your question!

I cannot directly help with this. From perspective Whonix should “just be another VM”. Whonix does not develop VirtualBox. Whatever Whonix does inside the VM conceptually shouldn’t be able to influence the host operating system. Therefore please have a look at this chapter which redirects to the VirtualBox support since this is very most likely a VirtualBox, and not Whonix issue:

Aborted Status

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