Problem with Whonix installer verification

Problem with installation verification by contract -

Program to book in Donwload key in step 4.

I tried to type in the cd / folder where ego.asc / is located, in the address bar in this folder. To do so, click the Windows button, and then click OK.
Can anybody help me? What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for bad english.


HI @celest13x

  1. Open the command line by pressing the Windows-Key and R simultaneously and executing cmd.exe.

This means press the Windows Hot Key ( Most likely in between Fn-Key and Alt-Key ) and the R-Key and when the Run Window opens type in cmd.exe. This will open up the Command line.

  1. Change into the folder you stored ego.asc in by typing the following into the window you just opened. cd /Foldername/

This means using the Command line ( you just opened it ) type cd /Foldername/ . ( Foldername is the one you downloaded ego.asc into )

Hope this helped

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